My wall decorations depend entirely on paper clips and Polaroids. The larger photos on top usually get posted on this here blog, and the little ones are part of a bigger project where I take an instant photo of every person who comes over to my apartment.

(I also recently switched to Lightroom, so this was also me trying to see how successfully I could make my bedroom look like every other bedroom on Tumblr.)

I didn’t notice the train said ‘America’ on it, which I find amusing considering we were in Canada at the time.

I shot a rehearsal with Jean&Kalil&Juliet for their queer punk opera project. Chicago friends, this will be happening in late July/early August so get excited!

Hyde Park, 2014




so i’m helping my pals jean and kalil out with their queer punk opera project and our friend sara took some photos at practice today and o m g 

h o w are all of you so attractive. bye

omg you are too kind i’m blushing (also check this out) 

If you or your band needs any ridiculous/awesome cover art for your next album, hit me up I took these delightful photos of these delightful people

(more from this rehearsal sooOON)

(via boxedwinebae)

Hyde Park, 2014

It started coming towards me and I wasn’t sure whether or not to run for my life

Bartlett Dining Hall, UChicago, 2013

(this photo is from O-Week of this past year)
(you can see all the parents and packed lunchbox things)

Hyde Park, 2014

Hyde Park, 2014

I’m back! (For a lil while at least.) My boss gave me an Canon AE-1 Program we found while cleaning our inventory, so I took it for a test drive around Hyde Park. 

And two years after I started working at the darkroom, five years after I started shooting film, and goodness knows how many years since I started photography in the first place but the point is TODAY I finally taught myself how to develop black and white film.


We made an official music video! Tell your enemies, tell your friends. 

Track by Slurp’s Up, filmed and edited by me.
(warning: strong language)


(Slurp’s Up music video coming to your face in the extremely near future! Get very excited~)

Continuing my videography streak, I’m mindbloggled by the amount of talented and hardworking artists on campus. I saw Will here playing the drums at an event and was captivated, and it turns out he was just about to release his debut album when I happened to bump into him and chat about it. It is poetic, honest, and amazing, and I liked it so much I asked him if he wanted any camera work done. We ended up filming nine live cuts from the album.

Here is one of my favorites, titled “Frosted Flakes.”